March 09, 2024

Studying Abroad in the UK: London & Teesside Campus Opportunities!

Begin on a UK study abroad journey with Career Bridge! Join London and Teesside campuses for March and May 2024 intakes. London offers vibrant learning and cultural experiences, while Teesside provides a 2-year course starting May 2024. With a 55% UG cutoff, waived IELTS, and GBP 4000 deposit, seize your opportunity now! #StudyAbroad #StudyinUK #CareerBridge 🎓🌍

Studying Abroad in the UK: London & Teesside Campus Opportunities

London campus - March and May 2024 intake
The city of London is a vibrant place with a rich history, cultural diversity, and world-class education opportunities. At the London campus, you can immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment while exploring the bustling city life. You can experience the best of both worlds - top-notch education and an unforgettable cultural adventure!

Teesside campus - May 2024 intake (2 years course available)
For those seeking a comprehensive academic experience, the Teesside campus offers a 2-year course option starting in May 2024. Nestled in a picturesque setting, the campus provides a conducive environment for learning and growth. Immerse yourself in a range of subjects and pave the way for a successful career ahead!

Career Bridge offerings' highlights:
- Entry Requirements: Achieve a minimum of 55% in your undergraduate studies to qualify for these exciting opportunities.
- Tuition Fees: Postgraduate Programs: GBP 1500 for a 1-year course, GBP 9000 per annum for the 2-year course at Teesside Campus.
- Deposit: Secure your spot with a deposit of 4000 GBP, ensuring your place in the program of your choice.
- IELTS Waivers: We understand that standardized tests can be a hurdle for many students. That's why Career Bridge is proud to offer IELTS waivers for eligible candidates!
- If you achieved 65% in 12th-grade English (CBSE & ICSE) or State Boards, you qualify for a Skype interview.
- For those with an outstanding 70% in 12th-grade English (CBSE & ICSE), no Skype interview is required!

At Career Bridge, we believe in empowering students to reach for the stars. With a minimum 55% cutoff in undergraduate studies and waived IELTS requirements for eligible candidates, your dreams of studying abroad are within reach. Apply now and get your offer letter in just 2 days!

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